Save The Roma Children is a organisation that helps Roma children humanitarian in Europe. In Europe, the Roma children are the most poor, discriminated and segregated from society and too few talk about it. Extreme poverty is the reality of the Roma children and it has to end! You can positively influence their lives by donating money that goes to the Roma children. We help with food, water, clothes, school supplies and healthcare. Regardless of nationality or ethnicity no child should suffer from poverty. All children are equally worthwhile, and all children deserve a safe home, food, water and education for better future and life.


Save the Roma Children are characterized by the Children’s Convention, which was held on November 20, 1989, and has the entire Childrens Convention as inspiration with 9 points relevant to Save The Roma Children: § 2: non-discrimination Section 4: Implementation of Rights § 6: Right to life and survival Section 7: Right to name and nationality Section 8: Right to Keep Identity Section 24: Health and medical care Section 28: Education §30: minority and indigenous children Section 36: Protection against other exploitation

Help the Roma children with water, food and clothes and build safe homes. Accepted racism and segregation take place in openness to the Roma children. This is a clear consequence today when many must live in extreme poverty. Low level of education, ignorance of their own rights and history. THE ROMA CHILDREN Many people are unaware that the Roma people have been slaves for 500 years in Europe from the late 1300s to the mid 19th century in Europe. Laws have been used against Romans from owning land or work. 

STEP 2 To help Roma children go to school by providing educational materials, school clothes and food during school day. WE HELP DIRECTLY We help directly in place! The money that comes to Save The Roma Children guarantees that it reaches the Roma children by carrying out all humanitarian assistance in place in some of the European countries. We have three steps that will eventually lead to self-sufficiency.  

STEP 3 Step three is the last step and will be to help parents achieve self-sufficient status. Self-sufficiency is the only way out of poverty. We want to help the Roma children to educate themselves by contributing school materials such as backpacks, writing books, clean clothes and all necessary materials for school. After all, education is the way out of poverty.

SUPPORT US Save the Roma Children are a big part built of ideal power. Each contribution is very helpful and your contribution goes directly to driving Save the Roma Children. You can contribute through our bankgiro or Swish. Thank you for supporting us! Bankgiro: 571-6626 Swish: 123 287 23 72

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Bankgiro: 571-6626 Swish: 123 287 23 72

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